Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

It is with excitement and anticipation that I look forward to the New Year! And, like most people, I’ve made a few resolutions. And, I’ve set a few goals. But unlike other years, these are realistic and achievable … not just “hope to’s”.

What’s your biggest challenge in keeping resolutions? Mine has always been that I set too many, they’re too aggressive, and too easy to forget. This year, I thought about what’s really important in my life and set some goals around that.

But, before I share my list (it’s a short list because let’s face it, this is an ongoing thing for me, setting too many goals), let me tell you a secret. I’ve changed the phrase “New Year’s Reslolutions” to “New Year’s Promises”. It sounds more personal to me. More heartfelt. So I don’t resolve … I promise …

First and foremost, my health. We’re all lucky to be alive, right? And truly, every day is a gift. So I promise me I will take better care of myself in 2011. Eat more healthy, whole foods. Avoid junk … although a Snickers Bar is still on the approved list. Get more sleep. Take time for some “mental health days”, where I focus on me. All done to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.

Second, our environment. I promise to be much greener in 2011, beginning with a diligent effort to recycle as much as possible. And, to pay more attention to daily things I can do that help our wonderful Earth. If everyone did one little thing each day – used less water, or turned off the TV when not watching … think of what could be saved collectively. I promise to do my part.

Third, my family. There is nothing as important to me as the ones I love. I promise to do better. Pay more attention. Be more interested in the life’s little things that go on in their lives. Offer more help. More encouragement. It’s so easy to become involved in our own stuff and not worry about the “stuff” others have going on … I promise to pay more attention.

Fourth, and finally, I PROMISE to clean my office!! Get organized! Ditch the clutter! Soon ….

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