New Year, New Love!

As 2011 approaches, I’ve noticed many singles come to me focusing on what they DON’T have (a partner) vs setting goals for the new year to work on getting what they DO want! (a partner!) If you believe at all in the law of attraction, you know that what you put out there comes back to you. And, as I always say, Like Attracts Like.

If you’re sad, depressed, giving up – that’s what you’ll attract. However if you’re positive, radiating joyful energy – that is what you will attract.

It’s important to look at 2011 as an opportunity – regardless of your disability. Opportunity for growth, opportunity to meet someone special, opportunity to make friends.

Dating with a disability can be a challenge, we know this (which is why we’re here!) so meet your physical challenges with resolve. You CAN meet someone special. You CAN find new friends. You CAN date when disabled.

Online dating requires time and effort. Be sure your profile is up to date. If you’re uncertain if your profile is the best it can be, let us help you! Just send an inquiry through our blog and contact us. We can definitely help you put your best self forward!

In an upcoming blog, we will be focusing on profiles – and how to make them stand out from the masses. I’d love to get your questions ahead of time so I can address your concerns in the posting.

In the meantime, look ahead to the new year with hope, anticipation, and be sure to put some realistic goals in place. Make your new year’s resolution to find love in the new year a priority. We’re here to help any way we can!

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